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Why should NRI’s invest in India

A much publicized report has predicted that the Indian economy will become one of the world’s largest by year 2050 ­­ which is anyway too far out to invest for. But because there are real changes happening here; changes which will have a significant impact on India’s prospects in the next decade. The opportunity is here and it is beckoning you.

About RERA, Carpet Area selling & GST:

Recent implementation of RERA act on Developers and Realtors coupled with GST transparency in India is like a dawn of ethical and truthful real estate in India.

NRIs confidence is restored in Indian real estate to invest due to these positive developments. Demonetization has further added to their positive attitude towards Indian economy’s brighter future hence now once again they are considering investing in India in RERA approved projects having clean image and status.

This is a new era and fresh emerging of Indian real estate from NRI investment point of view.

Economic Crisis and its advantages to NRIs, PIO and OCBs

Real Estate in India is one of the most important revenue generating sectors. The growth and depreciation in this sector directly influences the economy. Having a property of your own is a matter of pride especially for an Indian, attachment to the property is immense.

Also, this is the most profitable investment in India. Investment in property is believed to be the smartest move as chances of loss is negligible. The growth graph of the Real Estate sector is observed to be escalating day by day.

The growth trend in Real Estate business is witnessed not only in the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. but also in the state capitals like Jaipur, Lucknow etc which are developing at a faster pace and have opened the gates for investment.

Foreign investment: With the consistent growth of the sector, foreign investment is also setting in. The raised bar with ethical and improved dealing has added to the growth of the real estate. More and more NRIs and foreign investors are eyeing Indian property as lucrative. World’s renowned banks like Morgan Stanley, etc. are now investing huge sum of money in the Indian Real Estate market. Due to their contribution the prices of the property have tremendously hiked and large returns are assured for the Investors.

What an NRI should check before buying a Property in India:

(1) Title of the property: Check the credentials of the seller and whether he has authority to sell the property. This is espe­cially necessary in case of joint ownership.

(2) No ­dues Certificate: This document ensures that the seller has no pending dues, such as unpaid maintenance or electricity bills. It’s important to verify that you get the house without any liabilities.

(3) Discharge/release letter from Bank: This letter is required only if the property you want to buy was mortgaged. A discharge letter is proof that the seller has paid the entire loan.

(4) Litigation: To find out if the property was involved in litigation, contact the registrar, where records of titles are maintained. It also helps to get in touch with the head or a leading member of the housing society as such people are usually aware of pending litigation in case of flats.

(5) Approvals and permits: While buying from builders, check that they have acquired all the approvals regarding conversion of land, construction plans and environmental compliance.

In terms of choice, the Indian markets are right up there. Be it Real estate, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Deposits or Life insurance. The market is deep and liquidity is no major concern for individual investors.

India today offers a great investment opportunity. To make the most of it, investors need to take adequate precautions while committing funds to India. One way you can minimize the risk of fraud or bad advice is by selecting a credible financial Adviser.

“Finally with a note of caution, there will be ups and downs. Things may not turn out the way one expects them to. But then if you have done your home work well, you stand a better chance of meeting your goals. Time is right and Rupee is the advantage to NRIs.”

Kapil Raj Goyal


Kapil Raj Goyal, is an International Real Estate & Business Consultant, with over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate & Property Market in India, UAE, Africa, South East Asia to name a few. Currently, Mr. Goyal is an independent Real Estate & Property Advisor settled in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Mr. Goyal provides consultancy services to International Luxury Property Developers on bringing their projects to Indian Investors and also advises individuals on investments to be made in India.

You may connect with Mr. Kapil Raj Goyal on email : kapilgoyal123@gmail.com


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