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Transforming your lifestyle with a Nutritional Consultant

We are want to make changes in our lifestyle, want to eat better, feel happy and healthy ! So what is stopping us …. just that one person who can push you out of your comfort zone and guide you towards a healthier journey for your body.

Eating food ….rather the right food with happiness makes a lot of difference with your health … I bet you did not know that. Gratitude and Happiness towards the food we eat plays a huge part in our transformation.

Alessia Donato, a friend who has gone through an inner journey and has transformed her life with changes in her food, exercise and thought process. Now a Nutrition Consultant, Alessia is the CEO of Via Sana Wellness where she helps people with consultation and planning their changes in nutrition to make healthy eating a habit !

We have tied up with Alessia to give a lovely offer for the month of September 2017. Here is the flyer below, please feel free to have a quick chat with Alessia and also check her website or follow her on social media to have daily tips and advise from her !

Live a diet free healthy life with the power of plants !

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