Take a mini break

This has nothing to do with business and work … but just wanted to highlight the value time off holds in our lives … we always have excuses for not taking a break or a holiday on our own … having family and commitments restrict us …gender has nothing to do with it…. 

Solution : Take a mini-break everyday !! Like your daily cup of coffee …. Possible …of course it is 

Give yourself 10 mins in nature (i know it is hot but just do it like early morning or late evening during sunset) … Step out, touch your barefeet to the ground … and intentionally give your worries, fears, anxiety, confusion, anger and everything negative that is stressing you out, to Mother Earth and ask her to use that energy to recycle and reuse that energy and replace it with positive energy from her …. and have faith that what you are facing is momentary and will pass … absorb the Earth’s love like a mother’s love and see how your day progresses …. you can do this on grass, at the beach, in the desert with your feet in the sand or near a pond or sea ! Try it out and let me know how you feel…. if you are lucky to have rains where you live ….go get wet in the rain …. just don’t overdo it !

wink wink ! Have a great week ahead everyone !

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