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Luxury Low Rise Apartments in Bani Park Jaipur

After the Launch of their iconic sustainable plot allotment project, “The Future City” …. Trimurty Builders is ready with their new Luxury Residential Project – Gulmohar .

Gulmohar symbolizes Trimurty’s inheritance in building constructions , embracing Nature in its truest forms.

The core elements of living space are embraced: central space, peripheral zones, direction with respect to sunlight, and relative function of the spaces.

“The architect has adopted ideas hosting new material of construction which makes Gulmohar the in-situ abode.” says Sharad Mishra – Director at Trimurty Builders

Trimurty’s Gulmohar is an abode where life blooms at its fullest. A low rise apartment building having 4 floors and 15 exclusive apartments in an quiet lane of Jaipur in Banipark with limited high class homes.

It is a brick house blending tradition with modernity having choicest mind space and exclusive privacy crafted on barrier free design principles as per green building (IGBC) norms where light wind flow are maintained naturally. Each common space bears nature’s signatures far from the maddening crowd.

Launching on the 15th January 2018, bookings and inquiries are welcome.

To know more contact +91 750 640 3538 or leave a comment below.

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The City with a purpose behind it’s vision

If you would have read my earlier blog about The Future City site visit then you would be able to make the connection to my conversation with Mr. Sharad Mishra (referring to him here as Sharad ji) Director of UKM Group – Trimurty Builders.

Trimurty Builders has a legacy of being in the business of building homes since the last 22 years and the amazing deep rooted values that have been taught by Mr. Udai Kant Mishra – Chairman of UKM group, to his three sons and their families shows in their work and commitment for making lives of others also happier.

The Future City site visit had left me with a nostalgic feeling of not wanting to leave, somewhere in the background I could hear the words, “wow, I am home”. I guess everyone does not feel connected or are able to put a finger at how they feel when they step into a new place. But I guess that is how I connect, it is the energy or urja of the place that makes me want to be there forever or just leave …. So much for being an archer ?

My curiosity grew even more after seeing the expansive area of the project and wondering what was the thought that made a family’s vision come into reality. I always look for a purpose, that is the sign of recognizing a visionary. And that is what Udai Kant ji is and I am sure it is a matter of pride for him and the family as to how the brothers are making his vision into a reality.

From Left to Right:
Mr. Sharad Mishra (Director), Mr. Udai Kant Mishra (Chairman), Mr. Anand Mishra (Director) and Mr. Abhishek Mishra (Director)

Visiting the Trimurty office at Jaipur, greeted by their team we went to meet Mr. Sharad Mishra. Our small chat and exchanging pleasantries, the conversation did become deep as to what and how the whole project was envisioned.

A very calm and composed Sharad ji, explains how the vision of The Future City started taking shape and their purpose being very clear was to accommodate those living in India and outside to own at least one piece of land.

“The reason for developing a plotting scheme like The Future City is the non-availability of organized land developers in this segment of business. The demand for land which we used to get from all over the world and often having prospects saying that though they don’t live in India, they would want to own at least one piece of land in India by which they feel connected to their roots. Many of them felt it a problem in doing that as they did not feel safe and secure about their investments along with the unfulfilled commitments.”

“That’s when we realized that there is a niche in the market and hence we conceptualized The Future City where the plot investment is not a big-ticket investment and affordable for those wanting to own at least one piece of land in their home country.”

“The Future City is safe in terms of its immunity from encroachment etc., and is surrounded by enough anchors of economic growth in future.”

With many other developments around the same area, The Future City does stand out due of its vision, magnanimous size and its committed development.

Being a person, who has always been a GameChanger, I was truly amazed with their thought process of standing out of the herd of development projects. Sharad ji proudly declares the change that they wish to bring in the community, “We want to build a community of home owners which is more responsible and sensible. Instead of spending their hard-earned money in other luxuries of life, they would have spent in making an investment in land which in turn makes them more stable in life and which will add value to their wealth and 360 degrees of happiness. The ease of payment that we are providing to the home-owners is making a very large community attracted towards investing in The Future City.”

If you are a nature and environment lover, then you will surely be able to connect to the vision of Trimurty’s commitment. “Trimurty as a company is committed to environment and in The Future City our focus is on water conservation and green cover in the scheme.”, explains Sharad ji.

So with good healthy living, sustainability covered and environment conservation as the commitment and driving force….. what else is left for you to take that one piece of land …. Return on investment!! Well, Trimurty Builders has got you covered there too!!

“It is my experience of real estate that any investment in land has always given a good return of approximately 18-19% per annum if the investment could grow for 7-10 yrs.” Says Sharad ji from Trimurty Builders.

Leaving after our conversation, it was nice to know in depth about a development in which making an investment would lead to living in a happier and sustainable environment… and of course the lovely nature by your side !

In UAE, you can see their preview on 30th September 2017,

from 11am – 9pm at Grand Excelsior Hotel, Dubai UAE

Eventbrite - The Future City Jaipur - Preview

For more information contact me on

Contact : +91 750 640 3538

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The Future City Jaipur

Trimurty Builders Jaipur brings to you Plots in THE FUTURE CITY Jaipur (starting from Rs 4 Lacs) in 100% Govt Approved, integrated & one of the biggest townships of India.

Plot Sizes now available – 111.11 / 200 / 311.11 / 400 / 2000 sq. yards 


* 100% FIXED PRICE (No negotiations policy)
* ICICI loan facility (upto 75% of plot value)
* Very High appreciation potential due to awesome surroundings of industrial development and planning of 2 Mega industrial parks and one Special economic zone
* Merely 45 Minutes’ drive from Jaipur city
* 13 Kms ahead of Mahindra SEZ Jaipur. The future city is en-route Jaipur-Bhilwara State Highway (converting into 4 Lane highway soon)
* Development at project site is in full swing
* Tallest Indian Flag is planned in this township as one of the highlight.

It’s a NOT-TO-MISS investment for this strategically located township in approx 300 Acres.

Contact +91750 640 3538 for information or a site visit !

You can write to

Coming up … our chat with Mr. Sharad Mishra, Director – UKM GROUP (Trimurty Builders)

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A city away from the city

Landed in Jaipur on a lovely rainy and cool morning and believe me …it was heaven !! From a person from the desert, you can’t even imagine how greenery feels like !!

My dear friend wanted me to join his office team for seeing their latest site development… well his excitement was contagious ! We were trying to take time out for 2 days to go to the site and as I was getting delayed we were just unable to go…. and both the days I was all ready with my camera !

On the 3rd day, in between another meeting, I get a message can we go like in another hour … and I did not have my camera with me (left it at the hotel thinking that even today does not look like we can go!)

So we headed towards Devanagar Village in Phagi Tehsil district away from Jaipur city …a fantastic 40 minutes drive … the freshness in the air and the greenery on the way was mesmerizing ! Sorry about the pictures, they were on my phone !

And we reached the site of The Future City … visited the site office and saw the layout of the project …. gosh it is so huge ! It is very different when you see the vision on an image compared to driving around the place literally ….. with 6 roundabouts , cycling track with plantation across the track, and a mini forest already created with trees planted …. the city has a natural pond which is an active location for migratory birds as well !! The place was awesome with serene and green pastures around the area. The roads and infrastructure has taken shape very nicely.

The Future City is strategically being developed in close proximity from two large industrial areas. These Industrial zones are being developed by the Rajasthan State Government which adds greater value to the township.

Pastures on the way around the city area

Definitely not a place I wanted to leave quickly but sadly had to ….. but I managed to click a few pictures on my tiny phone ….. (rolling eyes…. so much for preparing to carry your camera all the way from Dubai and you leave it at the hotel)

Here are a few more images (half the credit goes to Kapil Goyal … kept on praising his phone … “my phone is the best”) …. No arguments on technology …. that is for some other day …. enjoy the pics everyone

Entrance to The Future City, Jaipur

Just arrived … at the Future City !

Capturing the sky in my little phone !

Natural Pond

Roads within the city

Green patches

Mr. Y S Soin, GM Operations giving us the site tour

With Mr. Soin Mr. Kapil Goyal from Trimurty Builders

With Mr. Soin from Trimurty Builders

At the 1st Roundabout – The Future City

Being a person who is not very happy with city living and fancy (bling bling) stuff, I appreciated the thought and vision behind the project, keeping the natural settings , encouraging community living and keeping the patriotism inclusive in the development. The lovely concept of the tallest Indian Flag proposed at one of the roundabouts in the city with the five national emblems in the other is an amazing idea !!

Reminded me of our Union Flag in Dubai … so if I go stay there I will not miss Dubai much ! That’s a wait and watch though … hahaha!

Definitely a project to look at for the future … Follow their page here on Facebook – The Future City Jaipur

Call on +91 750 640 3538 or email