Surrounded by Heritage and History

Living in the city … a concrete jungle gets to you after a time. And the heat of the summer in a desert is not a pleasant feeling either… a welcome and a fresh breath of air was Jaipur … totally a city I have fallen in love with … the history, heritage and culture is part of the daily lives of those residing there.

See it from the eyes of a person who has not seen rain or greenery for a year !!! Choosing a place was a bit of a challenge but friends can give you the right recommendation and save the effort … I needed a place with greenery , heritage and quiet surrounding away from the city.

Hari Mahal Palace Hotel, Jaipur – Rajasthan India ; was such a place that fit the bill perfectly … rooms in the main mansion were neat and luxurious with small touches of culture.

The open terrace and the lobby area was very well arranged to enjoy the outside rainy and cool weather and keep yourself cosy indoor as well if you are not a rain person ….


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