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Bel & Table Mountain, Cape Town

Birthed out of one woman’s desire to provide people with meaningful travel experiences that will transform their lives for the better, Trailblazers Travel is your eco travel expert, providing ethical, responsible and sustainable holidays and safari experiences including South Africa tours, Cape Town tours, Tanzania tours, Serengeti safaris, Zanzibar tours, Victoria Falls tours, Rwanda tours, India tours and Borneo tours.


Founder Bel Roach is passionate about the life-changing experience of responsible travel, and seeks to provide her clients with authentic and immersive travel experiences that allow them to jump into the culture of a foreign destination, try the local food and learn what it is like to walk a day in their shoes… but with a comfy bed and hot shower at the end of the day!

Small Group Travel

“I travel because I want to connect with the world and its people, and at the same time connect with myself,” says Bel. “I want to see all the incredible things that the world has to offer, but I want them to be real and authentic, not those created to pander to a concept of what western tourists want. I was tired of the bland, mass produced itineraries and holidays on offer and I didn’t want to be another tourist filing off a bus, following a pom pom stick-carrying tour guide around!


“So when I looked for a travel option that gave this – it surprised me that traditional travel companies didn’t seem to offer it. So I created one that did! I love getting lost, new experiences, new food and new cultures. I love meeting new people from all over the world and I want to give everyone the opportunity to experience these pleasures. Not only do I want to be able to see the world, but I want to leave my mark by giving back to the communities and countries that open themselves up to us.”

Bel meeting Masaai in rural village, Tanzania

Indeed, giving back is the underlying philosophy that guides everything that Trailblazers Travel does. Bel believes passionately in contributing both to the local communities that they visit, as well as other organisations that are working hard to make a difference. That is why they do whatever they can to ensure that the tourist dollar stays local, from employing local tour guides and using local suppliers to buying locally made handicrafts.


We’ve all seen tourists who are rude and disrespectful in the places they are visiting and know how uncomfortable and offensive that can be. Trailblazers Travel believes in showing respect to the locals and engaging them in a dignified way, while also reducing environmental impact and supporting the local economy.


At the same time, they are also regular donors to WaterAid, which means that every single guest is making a positive social impact – here is your chance to give back too!

Go here to find out more about the work that Trailblazers Travel is supporting, and don’t forget to check out their holiday packages !

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