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An interesting evening with friends and art lovers, turned inspiring to see the passion for propagating Indian art put across with such simplicity and humbleness by Mr. Ramachandran, the founder of Ishkraft.
With years of experience in the corporate world, being a trader and lived in UAE, Tanzania and India his thought to give back to the society by way of collaborating with local artisans was ably supported by a friend Mrs. Latha from Chennai who was in her own way enabling small time artists and craftsmen to market their wares. Ishkraft sells these products made with skilled hands to customers within India and abroad.
There are many supporters of art and craft who are part of his journey who give their valuable time to bring a purpose and source of living for these underprivileged people.
Please take a few moments to check their website and show your support by placing your orders to them ! Don’t forget to mention where you heard about them.


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