Healing at the source of your pain

It has been many years since I started getting references to Reiki during trying times in my life. During the time I spent with Mahesh at the hospital while he was in the ICU, we both witnessed the miracle of Reiki being on different sides of the ICU room. That one incident brought us both realise the joy of witnessing God’s miracle…. you are left in awe of it and undescriable !

The miracle we witnessed was one of the lady patient who was in a coma for over 5 days snapped out after her husband (who was then sitting in the same waiting room where I was along with other family members of other patients, as one only was allowed to sleep over night for those patients in the ICU) gave her Reiki for over an hour in the early morning. During that time, we all were keeping quiet and low noise level as we all thought he was meditating , so it was amazing to see that all the noise makers also were silent ! And there was such a huge commotion as of course there was no explanation the doctors were giving for her coming out of the coma.

That was the start of my journey to understand healing and energy. During my conversation (which lasted like over four hours into the night) with the person who was the channel of the miracle (the lady’s husband) I understood his journey and how he started healing himself and those around him. He was an Engineer by profession !

A few months on …. after Mahesh left us … I met with my Reiki teacher over a conversation during my handicraft exhibition which was purely coincidental that she made it there …. and she told me that I could learn it too and heal myself first. Well as she always says, you don’t find Reiki, it finds you ! And so true that was !

Picture Credit – http://www.fullcircleharmony.org/reiki/

Thanks to Chandana my dearest friend and teacher who helped me go through so much of healing, teaching and learning that I can’t thank her enough.

My realization is that the pain and hurt we hide and suppress kills us. The way to healing is two things – Gratitude & Forgiveness.

Gratitude for each and every moment of our life, everything we receive (and most of it we take for granted) and what we give (it is the opportunity of giving unconditionally) that helps us to grow.

Forgiveness – Forgiving the Divine Source, God and ourselves … during tough times we have the anger and ask “why me” but when you will search for the answers, you will find them, that it was not you or the source that intentionally brings the troubles in your life. Learning to forgive oneself is the biggest and toughest task to do …. but that is where the healing begins.

It has been over 5 years now that I am practising self care and healing for myself and those around me …. and  it has been the most fruitful journey.

As a well wisher, I ask you to help yourself and those around you to look after them self and learn to heal themselves. Please ask for help, I am here if anyone is going through depression, no hope in life ( specially those who have lost their loved ones) to help them out. Even if you don’t come to me, find a friend near you who can help you with healing and loving to live life ! Life is so precious !

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