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Friday Brunch launch at the Organic Italian Restaurant Sabella’s

Ajman Hotel launches a unique Mediterranean Brunch every Friday at the Organic Italian Restaurant Sabella’s

Located only 30-minutes away from the buzz of downtown Dubai, Ajman Hotel presents its unique Mediterranean Brunch at the Organic Italian Restaurant Sabella’s; and we can assure you the food variety will require you arrive hungry!

Every Friday, indulge in an array of culinary surprises, where the lavish buffet awaits with specialities from Italy, France, Spain and Greece; accompanied with dedicated live stations where fresh pizza and pasta compete with the best seafood coming directly from the grill.

The restaurant offers a bright and warm atmosphere, as natural light shines through the large windows, whilstSabella’s terrace offers delightful views over the lush green gardens and Arabian Gulf. To perfect this culinary journey, our resident live band Blue Soul Duo will perform the best classics from the South of Europe, creating a convivial atmosphere to share with friends and family.

Then, your laid back afternoon can continue at the temperature controlled pool where kids have their separate section, or if you prefer the flickering of the waves, choose the pristine white-sand private beach, offering the best spot for breathtaking sunset.

Fridays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, until 30 September 2018. | For reservations, please contact: fboffice@hotelajman.com or +971 6 714 5582

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