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Exam season, release tension

Yes, exam season is not far away. We as parents are more tensed than the kids. They seem to not be tensed or not studying but let them relax a bit too. They are amazing the way they are, their marks do not define their capabilities and potential nor their future.

Their destiny will come to pass, they need to work smart more than work hard. So here are a few tips that I am putting for the kids if they would like to relax and enjoy their studies.

Hey Kids, here are a few tips for you !

  1. Schedule your day, it is just during the exams that everyone seems to put pressure on you. It is best to know your portion and estimate how long you are going to take to learn and revise it. If you have your exam timetable then plan the subjects to study backwards, so the last exam you will revise first and the first exam you will revise last. So go backwards and move forward with your studies.
  2. Take responsibility : Your parents take the responsibility of looking after you and providing you a safe, secure and good environment to flourish in. Take responsibility of your time, day, self care, food habits, media fasting etc
  3. Social Media fasting: Let’s be honest , the internet is not going to end while you give your exams ! It is going to be there even when you have finished your exams, so enjoy it later.
  4. Wake up and sleep on the same time for atleast 21 days, your body, mind and soul needs the rest to process all the things you have learnt during the day. This can be done only when you have had a good sleep. Normally 6-8hours of sleep is great enough.
  5. Don’t compare yourself with others: You are amazing, intelligent, smart, talented, skilled and unique the way you are. Your marks will not make you anything more or less of what you are. You deserve the best in life and you are unique ! One and Only masterpiece !
  6. Eat at regular intervals : Eat regularly during the day, stick to fresh food – fruits , vegetables, pulses, nuts… increase your protein content. Please avoid high sugar foods, fast food …stick to ghar ka khaana. Milk shakes and fruit juices are good to have during study breaks. And lots of water, as water removes the toxins from the body and releases the tension in your cells. Water intake increases oxygen level in the brain as well.
  7. Meditate daily for 10 minutes only : No , I am not asking to be a yogi or babaji ! LOL … just sit down after you have had your shower/bath in the morning for 10 minutes in a quiet place, close your eyes and after 5 deep breaths , start observing your breath only with your eyes closed. You can do this meditation even before sleeping. 2 minutes of pray and thank you (gratitude) to the almighty for the day you have spent or the day ahead will bring in peace to your mind and reduce your anxiety. (you can ask me if you need help with meditating)
  8. Don’t panic and get anxious: Sometimes your friends will talk about topics you feel, damn which chapter was that !! It’s ok don’t panic, you can browse through it, don’t worry if it is too difficult to learn, break it down in points and remember the points and then you can elaborate while writing it down. Do try to write down points if it helps you to learn it by breaking down the anwers.
  9. Stay Focused: Stay focused to your study time and schedule. Understand also how the papers and scoring system works so you can study accordingly. Take breaks to listen to some music which is light for the mind too.
  10. If you would like to write down 10 affirmations which you can say out loud in the morning or night then it is great. What you feel and visualize you want becomes your reality, but for that you have to have faith and believe that you already have it in the present without doubt and fear.
  11. Group study only once a week if you want to, as there is more talk and discussion which leads to increase tension and anxiety which we donot want at this moment.

And the best de-stresser is a foot massage for 5 mins (each foot) before your child sleeps in the night !! Increases blood circulation, oxygen and releases energy blocks.

I hope the above helps your child, these are some things that has worked for me and those around me.

Wish you and your kids the best for the exams , may you be successful and prosper abundantly.

If your child has high levels of anxiety, do connect with me for a healing session to help them calm down and de-stress.

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