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Don’t Stress Do Rest | Overnight Retreat

Don’t Stress , Do Rest

I know we are all very busy with our work and families … and in all this we forget to give importance to ourselves ! Wouldn’t you want a break from it all ….

Just momentarily … wouldn’t it be nice to relax with a cooler in your hand, lie down on the beach count the stars , giggles, spend the evening chatting and making new friends with oooooo and aaaaaahhhh , dance like crazy on your favorite old time music !!


So come and take rest … yes … in today’s day and age it is as important as it was 60 years back ….

Infact event more so NOW than ever!

Yes, I heard you and have put this overnight retreat just for you lovely ladies …. And if you know me well … from all the fun and games I will make sure you learn something new and go from this experience. I have put this program together based on my learning and experience through  my personal journey of growth from within.

We have our gifted talents, some we are born with and some we acquire.

In this program, I am to teach you techniques to De-stress, take Rest and practical steps to fulfill your dreams …no matter how big or small ! And above all this we are going to explore your inner child and bring out your true talent and passion through self expressive ART …. You have it in you …to be what you want …. You are Gifted !! So let’s present the world with your gift of talent !

Join wonderful like-minded women who have taken their first step towards growth by attending this camp in Ras Al Khaimah for an overnight retreat for women only on 27 April 2018, Friday with fun activities, games, music , food , laughter, giggles and a little bit of learning !

Come and find your younger and happier you back again ! Let’s Rock and Roll babes !!

Program Outline:

This fun-filled overnight stay-cation has all the ingredients of fun, relaxation coupled with motivation & inspiration to awaken your true self and breathe life into your life!

– Group Activity

– Daily practical tips on consciously setting powerful intentions

– What’s your purpose?

– Art in my heart

– Finding your purpose by Dr. Anil , NLP Trainer & Life Coach

– Freshness to your relationships by Counselling Psychologist – Sherene Aftab

– The Happiness Catalyst , Ruqya Khan about the meaning of SMILE & Why to use it the most !

– Games & talent outburst

– Camp fire with Music


Check in Time (27 April): 2pm

Check out Time (28 April) : 12 noon


Location – City Stay Beach Hotel Apartments, Al Marjan Islands, Ras Al Khaimah

Your investment: AED 750/- per person

Includes: Overnight stay (sharing in Deluxe Apartment Suite) + Tea & Coffee Break + Dinner + Breakfast + Material +  gift voucher

Group of 2 / 4 / 6 are entitled for discounted rates of 20/40/60% (Discount Available till 23 April 2018)


Sponsorship Option: AED 450/- includes One Participant FREE for the Retreat (only ladies will be accommodated )

Transport can be arranged for those without cars ! You will have to dutch in !

Note: Please bring comfortable cotton clothing, beach wear, suntan lotion, headgear/sunglasses, yoga mat.

Program Facilitator:

Barkha Mahesh – Entrepreneur & Social Empowerment

Dr. Anil , General Medicine , NLP Certified Trainer & Life Coach

Sherene Aftab , Counselling Psychologist

Ruqya Khan – The Happiness Catalyst

Poonam Shah, Photographer … will capture our fun moments on camera !

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Happy to help …. Call me on 0557711606

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