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Daily self care tips

Self care on a daily basis, a few tips for today.

~ Breathing exercises 10 to 15 mins, twice a day. After you wake up and before you sleep. This is your meditation as well… Just focus on your breathe…. If you need help inbox me, I will send you an audio to help you with it.

~ Any one physical activity like walking, running, yoga, Pilates, gym, taichi, dancing… Anything that you like. Even starting with 15mins is good enough. You can split it and do twice in a day, morning and evening.

~ Media Fasting ~ yeah I know this is the toughest, start with one hour and go up-to 4 hours if you can. (don’t count it as part of another activity, consider taking a retreat at your home 😉)

~ Nurture your hobby or talent ~ singing, dancing, painting, reading (a book), painting, pottery, embroidery, knitting etc… Whatever is your inner tic !

~ Most important sleep… Sleep and wake up at the same time for atleast 21 days and you will feel the difference… Benefits are huge… Helps a lot is loosing weight if you are doing physical activity and looking after your body. Your body, mind and soul needs this time to process all the information you have gathered during the day and work in your goals and dreams too! So have a good rest. Mid Day naps are powerful ways to recharge too !

Hope this helps, leave a comment below if you like them.

Have a lifely day (breathe)!

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