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Exam season, release tension

Yes, exam season is not far away. We as parents are more tensed than the kids. They seem to not be tensed or not studying but let them relax a bit too. They are amazing the way they are, their marks do not define their capabilities and potential nor their future.

Their destiny will come to pass, they need to work smart more than work hard. So here are a few tips that I am putting for the kids if they would like to relax and enjoy their studies.

Hey Kids, here are a few tips for you !

  1. Schedule your day, it is just during the exams that everyone seems to put pressure on you. It is best to know your portion and estimate how long you are going to take to learn and revise it. If you have your exam timetable then plan the subjects to study backwards, so the last exam you will revise first and the first exam you will revise last. So go backwards and move forward with your studies.
  2. Take responsibility : Your parents take the responsibility of looking after you and providing you a safe, secure and good environment to flourish in. Take responsibility of your time, day, self care, food habits, media fasting etc
  3. Social Media fasting: Let’s be honest , the internet is not going to end while you give your exams ! It is going to be there even when you have finished your exams, so enjoy it later.
  4. Wake up and sleep on the same time for atleast 21 days, your body, mind and soul needs the rest to process all the things you have learnt during the day. This can be done only when you have had a good sleep. Normally 6-8hours of sleep is great enough.
  5. Don’t compare yourself with others: You are amazing, intelligent, smart, talented, skilled and unique the way you are. Your marks will not make you anything more or less of what you are. You deserve the best in life and you are unique ! One and Only masterpiece !
  6. Eat at regular intervals : Eat regularly during the day, stick to fresh food – fruits , vegetables, pulses, nuts… increase your protein content. Please avoid high sugar foods, fast food …stick to ghar ka khaana. Milk shakes and fruit juices are good to have during study breaks. And lots of water, as water removes the toxins from the body and releases the tension in your cells. Water intake increases oxygen level in the brain as well.
  7. Meditate daily for 10 minutes only : No , I am not asking to be a yogi or babaji ! LOL … just sit down after you have had your shower/bath in the morning for 10 minutes in a quiet place, close your eyes and after 5 deep breaths , start observing your breath only with your eyes closed. You can do this meditation even before sleeping. 2 minutes of pray and thank you (gratitude) to the almighty for the day you have spent or the day ahead will bring in peace to your mind and reduce your anxiety. (you can ask me if you need help with meditating)
  8. Don’t panic and get anxious: Sometimes your friends will talk about topics you feel, damn which chapter was that !! It’s ok don’t panic, you can browse through it, don’t worry if it is too difficult to learn, break it down in points and remember the points and then you can elaborate while writing it down. Do try to write down points if it helps you to learn it by breaking down the anwers.
  9. Stay Focused: Stay focused to your study time and schedule. Understand also how the papers and scoring system works so you can study accordingly. Take breaks to listen to some music which is light for the mind too.
  10. If you would like to write down 10 affirmations which you can say out loud in the morning or night then it is great. What you feel and visualize you want becomes your reality, but for that you have to have faith and believe that you already have it in the present without doubt and fear.
  11. Group study only once a week if you want to, as there is more talk and discussion which leads to increase tension and anxiety which we donot want at this moment.

And the best de-stresser is a foot massage for 5 mins (each foot) before your child sleeps in the night !! Increases blood circulation, oxygen and releases energy blocks.

I hope the above helps your child, these are some things that has worked for me and those around me.

Wish you and your kids the best for the exams , may you be successful and prosper abundantly.

If your child has high levels of anxiety, do connect with me for a healing session to help them calm down and de-stress.

Barkha | +91 750 640 3538

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Heal Yourself Wellness Program

It’s been over six years since I started to learn Reiki to heal myself, then practice it for my family and friends around me.

It has been a tough journey but a great healing has taken place, for which I totally thank God and no one else.

As it has helped me over the years, brought me back to learning to be being happy, being healthy, looking after myself so I can look after others. Big lessons in small actions.

I am so in gratitude of my family and friends who believed in me and sometimes take my advise and bring small changes in their lives. Today thanks to their encouragement that I have taken this bold step because I believe in myself and the power of God’s healing , as it is for all. For me being able to serve others is to make them understand that healing is not just a physical process , it starts from your soul level with your connection with the Divine power.

I invite you to take part in this new journey for yourself as I introduce to you my “Heal Yourself Wellness Program” of 10 days where you can experience healing and learn the importance for self-care and to implement it effortlessly in your life.

What does it include:

  • 10 days of Reiki Healing Session (Each Session of 1 hour for 10 days consecutively)
  • With it you shall get FREE 14 days ‘Be Healthy Food Plan’
  • & 14 days of Workout plan by our inhouse Fitness Trainer
  • Rs. 1,000/- worth personal products from Assure by Vestige (Men or Women products respective to the participant will be given) delivery is possible only in India.

Please note the package rates are different for hands-on healing and distance healing. Single Sessions can be booked as well. 

Reiki Healing Wellness Program

Any questions please feel free to ask. Please note Distance Healing can be given to individuals in any part of the world, if you are requesting for someone else please ensure that they are your family or that his / her family should be able to give permission for the healing.

Emergency / ICU cases we support the family with the power of prayers & healing. This is our social service so please do not hesitate to connect !

Hurry and book your package today ! Healthy Living starts Now !

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Institute of Modern Etiquette

The Institute of Modern Etiquette is the premier lifestyle training Institute for developing and enhancing oneself. It’s an individual journey, a voyage of excitement, refinement, challenges and beauty. Investing in core values of traditional finishing united with the modern cultural customs, the Institute of Modern Etiquette is the supreme place to flourish, in grace, refinement, social courtesy and total well being.

Institute of Modern Etiquette

With their diverse expertise methods of teaching, either it be modular, short term courses, weekly classes or workshops, it’s easily adaptable for the modern woman. It gives the ease in learning new elegant habits whilst identifying the past bad habits to break.

The Institute of Modern Etiquette is catering for all women, from all backgrounds, ages, diversities, and cultures. We at Institute of Modern Etiquette believe that grace and manners are for all the women in the world and not just for the elite or wealthy.

We at Institute of Modern Etiquette believe that every woman & man deserves a life of respect, dignity and sheer brilliance.

Happiness, patience, and tolerance reflected within and out into society.We provide business to client and business to business service.

Follow on Facebook : Institute of Modern Etiquette

Follow in Instagram : Institute of Modern Etiquette

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Siama’s world of beauty, luxury, words & etiquette

Countdown to Christmas – Day 4

Glad to introduce an amazing Business Woman with a humble heart and goodwill for everyone !! 

Siama is a lustful master of ceremonies, hosting events around the UAE, from fashion shows to exclusive VVIPs. Her love for all things beautiful, draws her attention to be an admired blogger and a brand ambassador with a passion for luxury perfumes with her signature look in princess designer cut couture.  She has authored a book – “The Quintessential Guide to the Perfect Modern Etiquette”, to be released in February 2019 and will be available in leading book stores and global online.

Siama - Master of Ceremonies, Brand Ambassador, Lifestyle Blogger, Author & Speaker

Charity is important to Siama’s heart, humble honors of being the UN Global Goodwill Ambassadors representing UAE and Founder for a community project Merciful Hands, providing meals to workers and essential necessities gift bag distributions to the needy. 

Not stopping there, Siama is a CEO in businesses, has nominee recognition for Stars of Business Leaders Award – Female 2017 and Professional of the Year 2018. Siama is the brand ambassador for Indian Women Startupclub, a regular speaker for women empowerment, finance, taxation and company formation. 

Siama lectures at Universities and Colleges on Hospitality, Etiquette, Entrepreneurship and Business leadership. A Powerhouse, positioning herself, overcoming challenges, driving and encouraging substance in everything she does. 

Follow her on instagram – @siamabeauty@iometiquette 

On Facebook – @siamabeauty & @iomeworld

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Be fit for a fabulous you

One on One Offer , Be fit for a fabulous YOU !

Here’s your opportunity to make fitness fun for a fabulous YOU with, Delhi based, Amit Rawat, US Certified Fitness Trainer & Athlete  !

Amit Rawat, a US Certified Fitness trainer and a national level athlete, believes in looking after one self with a healthy diet and consistency in exercise. Amit believes in challenging yourself before you challenge others !

Amit has trained individuals in muscle building, getting into shape, making participants marathon ready ! His students are running the marathon in the 2018 & 2019 season too !

“It’s You against You” 

Amit Rawat, Fitness Trainer & Athlete

Change your lifestyle for a Fit YOU !

Joining our ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Season, Amit Rawat gives you, the ONE – ON – ONE FREE OFFER FOR COUPLES* & FITNESS BUDDIES*

* Valid for Online Training Only

* Book for One and Your Buddy / Bae avails the same package for the same duration as yours for FREE

* Minimum of 3 months of training

* Includes Daily Training Instructions, Diet Plan separate for each of you

* BMI record

* Consultation on Fitness Accessories & Gym Equipment if required

* Offer Valid till 25 Dec 2018

How do I avail this offer ?
Simple ! 

  • Follow @the_nature_boyaaa 
  • Tag your buddy or bae in the comment box below with whom you would like to avail this offer
  • Share with family and friends who need a healthy lifestyle the natural way !

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Countdown to Christmas

It is the end of the year very soon ! Join us for the celebrations as we countdown 20 days to Christmas starting 5th December 2018.

I am glad to bring to you, daily giveaways, offers and prizes ! Our network is growing daily ! And this is the best way to get support and give support !

We are bringing together Small Businesses, Mompreneurs, Dadpreneurs, Consultants & Luxury Service Providers together and bringing to you an opportunity to make new contacts and new friends too !

Also , our special feature of the “THURSDAY FOLLOW LOOP” is not to be missed !

Are you feeling left out ? Write to me NOW so you can join in as well !!

WIN this from Mistral of Milan | Kajal Eye Liner worth Rs. 200/-

Kicking off our ‘Countdown to Christmas‘ season with giveaways , offers and prizes , today’s giveaway is ‘Mistral of Milan Kajal Eye Liner‘ (Black Color) worth Rs. 200/- from wellthwithvestige.

Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd., is a leading direct selling company dealing in world class health and personal care products. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and believes in giving world class service levels to its customers!

How can you win ?
Easy !!
– Follow @wellthwithvestige

– Tag 3 friends in the comment box below this post

You can do multiple entries

Winner will be announced on 26th December 2018

Winners can collect the prize from a Vestige Branch near you

Winner has to be in India to collect the prize
ID Proof will be required at the time of collection


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Breath of fresh air

Countdown to Christmas – Day 3

Today’s offer is Rs. 1000/-* off on the purchase of Sharp AirPurifier brought to your by Vestige , protect your home from invisible killers !

Living and working in closed spaces with little ventilation of fresh air, we tend to catch various symptoms like common cold, flu, cough, lung infection, breathing problems, lethargy, asthma and so on …. this is due to invisible germs moving around our living space.Now you can have fresh and purified air in your home and office at a low cost !

*MRP : Rs. 19,500/- (after discount it will be Rs. 18,500/-)


1. Improves quality of air indoors

2. Safe environment for your loved ones

3. Quiet operation

4. Low Energy Consumption

5. Suitable for any interior

6. HAZE mode mounted

7. Easily portable

8. Delivery charges may apply to orders outside India


Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd., is a leading direct selling company dealing in world class health and personal care products. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and believes in giving world class service levels to its customers!


How can you win ?

Easy !!

– Follow wellthwithvestige

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Velaa Private Island to celebrate its 5th Anniversary in spectacular style

This December Velaa Private Island will celebrate 5 years of delivering private highly-personalised moments for its discerning guests with a series of festivities and complimentary experiences designed to delight guests with the wonders of the island, as the most exclusive private island hideaway in the Maldives marks this milestone anniversary.

To begin the Anniversary celebrations, the Velaa Recreation team will be organising golf, tennis, squash and table tennis tournaments as well as a friendly beach volleyball match for guests with the chance for them to win unique prizes, such as a tasting dinner at the signature, gastronomic restaurant Aragu, thrilling watersports activities, and relaxing spa treatments.

As night falls on the 20th December, General Manager, Michal Smejc and senior management team will host a complimentary cocktail party at Aragu. Guests will be greeted by the talented Czech violincellist, Tereza Kovalova, followed by a special surprise announcement that will be unveiled exclusively on the night. The island’s award-winning Chef Gaushan de Silva (whose previous roles include working at Noma and as the private chef to the royal family of Jordan) will then invite guests to enjoy a gourmet food journey, accompanied by the lively and sultry sounds of Los Angeles-based, Nova Jazz ensemble.

After dinner, Velaa’s exciting entertainment will continue with an astonishing Water and Laser Show, followed by the dynamic Italian 4-piece band, the Swingrowers, taking to the stage who will keep guests dancing under the stars until the early hours.

Commenting on this anniversary, Michal Smejc, General Manager of Velaa Private Island, said “This is truly a celebration of our family’s dream becoming a reality. We are so proud of what we have achieved in five years and to have welcomed guests to our island hideaway from all over the world, who return year after year.  We have a true passion for the Maldives, the Maldivian culture and people, and the spectacular marine life here, which we are committed to protecting. We will strive to keep delivering exceptional experiences and look forward to unveiling some exciting announcements in the New Year!

To Book: Velaa Private Island’s Beach Pool Villas start from $4,700++ (AED 17,261++) per night inclusive of daily breakfast. (Rates are subject to 10% service charge, 12% government tax (TGST) and government green tax US$ 6 per person per night.)

To book, email reservations@velaaisland.com  or call +960.6565.000

About Velaa Private Island:

Nestled within the constellation of islands that form the remote northern Noonu Atoll in the Maldives, Velaa Private Island takes exclusivity to the next level with facilities and services that go beyond traditional resorts. Designed by award-winning Czech architect Petr Kolar as “an elegant fusion of Maldivian culture with contemporary luxury, intimate with Maldivian nuances”.

Velaa Private Island is the realisation of the Owner’s dream to create a ‘beyond luxury’ exclusive boutique hideaway in the Maldives. Velaa means “Turtle Island” in the local language – named after generations of sea turtles that flock here to nest and hatch. From a broader “bird’s eye view” which greets arrivals by seaplane, the island’s exclusive over-water villas are also constructed to resemble the head of a turtle, with the island forming the body.

The resort comprises 47 private villas, houses and exclusive residences. While 18 of the 47 are built over water, the Romantic Pool Residence can only be reached by boat, allowing even more privacy and exclusivity.

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Brandish : Lifestyle Art Wellness

Brandish , showcasing your local and hidden brands with a twist !

Our purpose to support small and medium businesses is accelerated with our exhibition of LIFESTYLE, ART & WELLNESS

Book your space today !

Visitors will be welcomed with a chance to win surprise gifts from our sponsors every hour !

27th October 2018, Saturday
10 am to 8 pm

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#designers #jewelry #accessories #purses #shoes #art #wellness#healthyliving #diwali #kandivali #malad #borivali
#yoga #yogacenter #fitnesscenter #resorts #win #prizes #hotelstay #holiday#holidayshopping

Call 750 640 3538 for information !


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Yoga Wellness Retreat

Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate

Restore your Body, Mind & Soul.
Make New Friends.
Learn New Techniques to achieve your dreams.
Make Self-Love & Self-Care your TOP priority.

Wellness Yoga Retreat and Day out in Jaipur, join us for a 2 days fun filled wellness yoga retreat and Day out in Jaipur , on 15th & 16th September 2018 ( 3 days / 2 nights stay).

For those who are working can now enjoy a day out (sunday) with us too !

Your Learning :

* Conscious Techniques to achieve your dreams and goals
* Mind your Language
* The Power of Words
* Yoga & Meditation Session
* Destress with ART Therapy
* Mellow with Music
* Healthy Eating with Cooking Session (preparing quick healthy snacks)

Your Takeaways after the stay:

-> All participants who stay over for the retreat shall receive Rs. 1000/- worth personal care and food supplements from our sponsor “Vestige Products”, India’s No. 1 fastest growing Wellness -Products Company.

-> Participants who stay over for the retreat shall receive FREE One Hour Online Consultation with 14 days meal plan to follow for FREE from our Fitness Trainer, post event.

“Special discount for couples and groups of 3 people and above”

**Bloggers & Influencers can attend the day out on Sunday at a special price of Rs. 1000/- only**

Kids between 6yrs and 12 years stay free and only pay for meals, room sharing with 2 people, subject to availability.

Email me on barkhamahesh@gmail.com to receive full details of the programme outline.

Last day to book is 1st September 2018.
** For Online Purchase of Tickets click on the link given **
** Tickets can be booked through Paytm, 50% advance booking can be done too **
See you soon. Ask me if you have any doubts !

Contact : Barkha Mahesh | +91750 640 3538