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Join me for this knowledge sharing interactive workshop on ” Online and Offline Bridge Building” for your business, products or services.
Our Focus:
*What online activities can boost your business
*Does your business need to go Online?
*What are the offline activities that I can do to create my brand awareness?
*How can I build the bridge between my online and offline activities to grow my business?
Who should attend?
Business Owners, Home Run Businesses, Startups, Old Businesses (Eligible for Transformation), Professionals
Time: 10.30 am to 3pm (1 hour break)
Ticket : Rs. 270/- per person
Doors open at 10am
Seating is limited, First Come First Serve basis.
Be prepared to sit on bean bags if you are late.
To register, use the link below to book online. For other payment modes (transfer, card or paytm) message me (Barkha) on 750 640 3538

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Skills to master success , from Coach BSR

This August, I will be introducing members of the cre8designlife network group – My Business Tribe. They are people I have had an opportunity to meet and learn from !

Bhupendra Singh Rathore

Here are rapid 5 questions on how and what has kept them successful and striving for more … Success has no scale or measurement … it is your definition that matters !

Bhupendar Singh Rathore (BSR) is an international Motivational speaker, corporate leadership trainer & Business Coach from India. BSR is awarded as “Business Mentor of the year” by Entrepreneur Magazine and “Asia’s Greatest Leader Award” by Asia One Magazine and URS media. He has coached and trained more than 300000 people till date .

1. One thing that kept you going, even with difficulties to face in your business?

” A strong faith on myself and the universe”

2. What 2 things does old businesses need to do to keep up with latest market challenges

”  1. Hire a coach 2. Invest in team ”

3. What is your mantra for zoning out?

” Have No Mercy on yourself ”

4. Who has been the pillar of strength in your professional journey?

” All my coaches specially the spiritual mentors ”

5. What are 3 key skills needed for success in business

” Risk taking 2. Selling skills and 3. Leading from the front  “