A city away from the city

Landed in Jaipur on a lovely rainy and cool morning and believe me …it was heaven !! From a person from the desert, you can’t even imagine how greenery feels like !!

My dear friend wanted me to join his office team for seeing their latest site development… well his excitement was contagious ! We were trying to take time out for 2 days to go to the site and as I was getting delayed we were just unable to go…. and both the days I was all ready with my camera !

On the 3rd day, in between another meeting, I get a message can we go like in another hour … and I did not have my camera with me (left it at the hotel thinking that even today does not look like we can go!)

So we headed towards Devanagar Village in Phagi Tehsil district away from Jaipur city …a fantastic 40 minutes drive … the freshness in the air and the greenery on the way was mesmerizing ! Sorry about the pictures, they were on my phone !

And we reached the site of The Future City … visited the site office and saw the layout of the project …. gosh it is so huge ! It is very different when you see the vision on an image compared to driving around the place literally ….. with 6 roundabouts , cycling track with plantation across the track, and a mini forest already created with trees planted …. the city has a natural pond which is an active location for migratory birds as well !! The place was awesome with serene and green pastures around the area. The roads and infrastructure has taken shape very nicely.

The Future City is strategically being developed in close proximity from two large industrial areas. These Industrial zones are being developed by the Rajasthan State Government which adds greater value to the township.

Pastures on the way around the city area

Definitely not a place I wanted to leave quickly but sadly had to ….. but I managed to click a few pictures on my tiny phone ….. (rolling eyes…. so much for preparing to carry your camera all the way from Dubai and you leave it at the hotel)

Here are a few more images (half the credit goes to Kapil Goyal … kept on praising his phone … “my phone is the best”) …. No arguments on technology …. that is for some other day …. enjoy the pics everyone

Entrance to The Future City, Jaipur

Just arrived … at the Future City !

Capturing the sky in my little phone !

Natural Pond

Roads within the city

Green patches

Mr. Y S Soin, GM Operations giving us the site tour

With Mr. Soin Mr. Kapil Goyal from Trimurty Builders

With Mr. Soin from Trimurty Builders

At the 1st Roundabout – The Future City

Being a person who is not very happy with city living and fancy (bling bling) stuff, I appreciated the thought and vision behind the project, keeping the natural settings , encouraging community living and keeping the patriotism inclusive in the development. The lovely concept of the tallest Indian Flag proposed at one of the roundabouts in the city with the five national emblems in the other is an amazing idea !!

Reminded me of our Union Flag in Dubai … so if I go stay there I will not miss Dubai much ! That’s a wait and watch though … hahaha!

Definitely a project to look at for the future … Follow their page here on Facebook – The Future City Jaipur

Call on +91 750 640 3538 or email barkhamahesh@gmail.com

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